Alan Siliphant : 74 yo and pterostilbene consumer

Hi, my name is Allan Silliphant, age 74, and for the last 6 months have been acting informally as a VA med service activist & « grass roots » researcher. Honestly, our little group has been able to accomplish some very impressive documented results against T2 diabetes combined with obesity. Let me update comments on the results using pterostilbene. In 140 days, my VA medical records confirm that I have been able to lose 43 pounds, while bringing 18 years of diabetes to « full control ». I’m saying, A1C spiraling down from a value of 7.9% down to 5.1%. Weight from 219 down to 176 lbs. I’ve had to donate my 40 inch pants to « the Goodwill » or portly friends, and now wear 33 inch trousers. Each VET, in our informal « research group » has lost substantial weight and dropped in their A1C test results. VA patients are lucky to have very detailed, long term records, that we all have access to. Please take note of these results, as they can give our fellow VETS the next thing to a full cure of obesity/T2 diabetes. What have we been taking? (A) metformin (extended release version…much gentler on G.I. tract) (B) a substance developed by the USDA scientists, lead by Agnes Rimando pHD, working at the pharma lab of the U. of Mississippi, in Oxford MS. Yes our federal government owns the U.S. patent. The stuff is synthetic, but chemically indentical to a natural anti viral,anti fungal, anti bacterial substance, that was discovered 20 years or so ago in the living blurberry. I understand that each 50mg pterostilbene caps contains the active material of 2000 blueberries. We eat blueberries as part of our pre breakfast meal with our personal med morning dose. We hope that will be helpful to leave the substance a bit longer in the blood. ( just a layman’s hunch I admit!) For the first time in 50 years, I’m doing upper body exercise with light hand weights. I walk a brisk mile, & march in place, say, 250 high knee lifts to keep my legs strong and move the blood up from my ankles. I repeat at night, before bed. I’m a cinematographer, and pro photo guy, and have been taking pictures of the results. It sure feels good to be back to my age 25 weight & waistline! You can see some of the pictures on my flickr photostream. Google Search terms: sharper3d, flickr, Allan Silliphant. We hope the offical VA endocrinology docs will take note, and do some formal testing soon. Our approach comes from our former experience as soldiers. We know the importance & critical nature of RECON, prior to battle engagement. These informal testing efforts can help to find the lay of land & keep an eye on the adversary. We hope that our brother VETS can avoid the « God awful » amputations, blindness, and dire results of T2 diabetes. In addition to the pterostilbene brand “pTeroPure”, we are evaluating, quercetin, Nicotinamide Riboside “Niagen”, developed by Dartmouth U. Reseveratrol, from MIT & Harvard labs. & Boron caps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. All seem to be working to make us more vital & healthier.

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  1. Allan Silliphant | 5 April 2017 at 7 h 03 min | Reply

    This intended to update the comments I made here in early 2016. I have been able to accomplish more than I had even intended, in terms of improvement of
    my health. I will be 76 within several days. Taking slow release metformin,
    the most effective prescription drug for type2 diabetes, given to me by the
    US Veteran’s Medical Program,my little group of Vet self testing researchers, have addressed the several scientifically studied anti-aging
    substances, that a growing number of university & US government employed
    scientists, that make metformin perform even more dramatically well to
    slow up the transition between late middle age good health, and PERHAPS
    ADDING an extra decade, or even more to our, & potentially every aging person’s HEALTHSPAN. I’m referring to the goal of prolonging the healthy
    & truly enjoyable years, now possible for most people. Sadly, the media doesn’t fully note what science is discovering. Mr. Trump wants to “help”
    veterans, but seems to not see the value of science breakthroughs. Harvard,
    U.of Texas, Mayo Clinic, Scrips Institute FL, U.of California, & Albert Einstein Medical College, even the U.S. federal Dept. of Agriculture. Are
    proving that the drug Metformin, take with 5 or 6 tested non-prescript substance will give million of people an extra 7 to 15 years of this precious “healt-hspan” bonus. I’m counting on seeing the world through
    90 to 100 year old eyes because of the existing stuff they have discovered, & I’m actually taking daily. I’m almost 6’2″, now at 178 lbs. I have a 32 in. waist. I do 800 curls daily with a ten lb. weight. My complexion looks
    at least 15 years younger than the 76 years that I’ve been able to live.
    Don’t take my word for it…look up metformin…NAD+… quercetin… gamma tocotrienols… & ptero-pure from the USDA labs. The gift of longer health-span is finally dawning. Look up my face book page to see what I
    look like at 76! Please check this subject out…do it for you, & your
    grandchildren when you know them as adults!

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